WMS / SDS Digital Injection System

WMS / SDS Digital Injection System

WMS / SDS Digital Injection System

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Part# SDS

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WMS / SDS Digital Injection System

Take control of your engine management system with our stand alone Digital Injection System. Developed by Western Motorsports and Simple Digital Systems to replace the Ford EEC computer. Our DFI allows you to program all parameters for fuel injection and ignition to tune for maximum performance from your engine. The WMS / SDS is available as a plug in system for the Ford EEC equipped 5.0, 351W, 460 and 2.3. Our system is also available with an engine harness that can be used for street rods, race cars and other Ford engines.

Excellent alternative to a mass air conversion with a similar cost. The SDS has far more tune ability and no extra chip or software is required.

What's Included

  • SDS Electronic Control Unit
  • SDS Programmer
  • Injector drivers
  • Lean / Rich controller
  • MAP sensor
  • Plug-in wiring harness
  • Installation and tuning manual

Product Information

Instructions Download:

SDS Plug-in Manual

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Set-up Sheet:






Head Make:

Intake Valve Size:

Exhaust Valve Size:


Cam Specs:

Intake Manifold:

Throttle Body:

Injector Size:

Injector Make:


MAP Sensor (1/2/3 Bar):

Fuel Pump:

Fuel Pressure @ Idle:

Fuel Pressure @ Full Boost:

Exhaust System:

Supercharger / Turbo Make:



RPM Limit:

Other Info:


WMS / SDS Digital Injection System
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Featured positive reviews:

WMS / SDS Digital Injection System
Let me start with the customer service, some of the best service I have ever had! These guys take the time to answer any question you might have and any technical info you need to help with programming! A+ in my book! The computer and programmer are of great quality and the ease in tuning is wonderful! The start up tune was spot on and the instruction book they send is very informative and easy to follow! I made 550 horsepower with ease with this setup and love the fact it works with any combo I put together for this car! Turbo,blower, nitrous,n/a....it's all covered by this one computer! Thanks for the great support and product!!

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