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Value is more than price. Take a close look at a Baer System, compare it with competitors and determine for yourself, which delivers real value. All Baer callipers employ proper road going dust and weather seals making them appropriate for use on streets and highways.

Our Systems are not just a kit, they include everything you will need. If your application requires a master cylinder, hose, or special fitting it's included. Systems requiring hubs not only arrive with the races and studs installed, but are also assembled with Timken bearings and packed with Redline Synthetic grease.

When deciding which system fits your needs, examine technology, quality, performance, and integrity. We think you'll agree Baer has no competition for the best value.

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Extreme & Extreme Plus

Baer Brakes - Extreme and Extreme Plus KitBaer Claw® EXTREME (one piece rotors) and EXTREME-PLUS (two piece rotors) brake systems deliver unparalleled performance, with durability exceeding the demands of the most serious enthusiasts.

Equipped with Baer's 6S 6-Piston MonoBlock calipers and 14”, 15”, one or two piece rotors, EXTREME and EXTREME-PLUS systems are equally brilliant at the track, on the road, or simply as "icing" to complete your vehicles "look"! Other manufacturers sell you the technology that they "deem appropriate for street use," keeping the latest and most sought after technology for "just a few." However, Baer lets you access all the technology necessary for the way you want to drive!

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Pro Plus [6P]

Baer Brakes - Pro Plus KitBaer's ALL NEW Pro Plus brake systems featuring our brand new 6P, 6 piston calipers and 13” or 14” slotted, drilled and zinc washed, 2 piece rotors. Attractive styling at an affordable price, Baer’s new Pro Plus front and rear brake systems are sure to please the most demanding owners and impress the most critical on-lookers!
The 6P calipers were designed to employ the same pad as is OE on Corvette C5 and C6 applications. This high performance pad style is available in more compounds ranging from street use to full race than that of any other pad, including many compounds available directly from Baer!

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Track 4 [T4]

Baer Brakes - Track 4 KitAvailable for most domestic muscle car applications with 16” or larger wheels, this much anticipated brake system is the next evolution to Baer's popular “Track” brake system.
Featuring our newest T4, 4 piston calipers mated to 13” diameter rotors; it promises to offer performance well beyond that of any other brake system in its price range! And with additional features such as standard powder coated caliper finishes in Red, Black or Silver and brilliant, slotted, drilled and zinc plated finished rotors, the NEW Track-4 brake system is sure to look as good as it performs!

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SS4 - Serious Street

Baer Brakes - Serious Street KitThe Baer Claw, SS4 brake system is designed to fit within the smaller period-correct wheels popular on 60's and 70's muscle cars, such as '67 to '72 A-bodies and '67 to '69 F-bodies (as well as selected X-body applications). Featuring 4-Piston aluminum calipers and 1-Piece, 11" cross-drilled, slotted and zinc-washed rotors, they jazz up the looks of these older street machines while delivering the much needed braking performance of today's technology. SS4 brake systems fit within virtually all 15" wheels (occasionally a spacer is required).

The SS4+ are essentially the same as the SS4, but this brake system employs 2-Piece rotors for overall weight reduction, enhanced performance, and a dynamic, race-car look.

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Drag Spec - Deep Stage SS4+

Baer Brakes - Serious Street KitThe SS4+ front Drag Spec system was designed due to a need for a small, light weight brake for the ever growing and popular radial classes. Many customers have adapted brakes that are really designed for vehicles weight under 3000lbs to these heavier, fast cars with little luck. This system is the first of its kind designed to be used on 3200+ lb cars, and work properly! Offered for a wide variety of early domestic cars, Baer also offers direct bolt on SS4+ Drag Spec systems for late model muscle cars. Baer offers direct bolt on kits for the 2010 Camaro, SN95 Mustang (1994 - 2004), S197 Mustang (2005 - 2012) and the 1993 - 2002 Camaro (needs 1998+ spindles).

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Grand Touring [GT] & Grand Touring Plus [GT+]

Baer Brakes - Grand Touring and Grand Touring Plus Kits The Baer "GT" brake system is designed primarily for late-model Mustangs and the Subaru WRX (excluding the STi). The large 2-Piston PBR pin-driven calipers provide increased pad volume for a measurable increase in performance. Rotors are 1-Piece and come in 12.75" to 13" diameters, depending on the application. Cross-drilled, slotted and zinc-coated surfaces are standard.
The Baer "GT-PLUS" covers a wide range of larger, heavier cars, trucks and SUVs and is a cost-effective alternative the 6-Piston EXTREME-PLUS system. Featuring large 2-Piston PBR pin-driven calipers and a greater pad volume, performance of these vehicles is greatly enhanced. Rotors are 2-Piece and come in 12.75" to 14" diameters, depending on the application.

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Iron Sport

Baer Brakes - Iron Sport KitBaer's latest innovation in affordable performance. It's known that one of the most significant upgrades you can make to your muscle-car is the elimination of your worn and outdated drum brake system. No other component has the ability to not only save your life, but also increase driving excitement and satisfaction. While not killing your bank account. Baer Iron Sport System is compatible with a large array of popular domestic rear-ends, while still being a cost effective solution to introducing modern braking technology to your ride.

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