Raptrac on it’s wheels

Bolted the wheels and tires on and set the Raptrac on the ground.  Rough setup on the ride height for now.

Raptrac sits on 265/70/18 Geolanders and American Racing AR901 wheels.

Raptrac sits on 265/70/18 Geolanders and American Racing AR901 wheels.

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Raptrac suspension

We haven’t had a lot of time to work on Raptrac lately but did get the front suspension sorted out this weekend.  Geometry is great using F150 lower control arms, spindles and Raptor upper arms.  12″ of travel with a some negative camber gain and very little bumpsteer.


The Fiberwerxs nose is also attached now and flips forward for easy access to the engine.  Headlights are still to come!

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We have the front tube structure done on RapTrac now and can start working on mounting the front fiberglass as well as making it flip forward for easy access.  A 03 Cobra hydroboost replaced the brake booster to make room for the 4.6 3V valve covers.

Our fiberglass arrived today.  Just set the nose on, looks pretty cool, it’s really wide!  Lots of work to do now building some structure to mount the panels to.

Explorer Sport Trac prerunner fiberglass fiberwerx

Fiberwerx fiberglass

We have stared our new project here at Western Motorsports, project RapTrac – part Raptor, part Sport Trac and a whole lotta fun!   Here is the starting point, a 2005 Explorer Sport Trac that so far has been striped of most everything we don’t need.


Our original plan was to do a new 5.0 Coyote engine but fate intervened when we came across this 4.6 3V from a 2005 Mustang at a deal we just couldn’t refuse.  So we will start a little more grassroots on this project.  We figure there are a lot of 4.6 3Vs out there now and customers would like to see what’s involved in swapping one using the stock ECU and drive by wire.  The new 5.0 uses same mounts, bellhousing etc as the 4.6 so swapping one in down the road will be easy.


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