Way back in 1997 we were one of the first in Canada to build Factory Five Cobras. Many things have changed with FFR over the years but we think they do remain the best Cobra replica built.

As we are too busy with other aspects of our business we no longer import or build Factory Five Racing Cobra Kits. We do have many customers building kits and do supply engines, transmissions, differentials, suspension and other parts needed when building your Cobra. Of course the FFR Cobra is still based on the 5.0 & 4.6 Mustang so we have thousands of performance parts. Contact us for your specific parts needs at fastford@wmsracing.com, or call us at 403-243-6205. Our experience with these cars can make your building your Cobra much easier.

If you are interested in purchasing a FFR kit you can contact FFR directly at http://www.factoryfive.com